Wilson Orihuela

wilson photo - 1Wilson is a native of New York City, and remembers from an early age being transfixed by a statue of St. Michael the Archangel at St. Catherine of Genoa parish at the age of four. From the red of St. Michael’s robe to the point of his sword, the statue stirred deep awareness in Wilson’s soul to wage spiritual combat.

Despite this spiritual awareness, in his teenage and college years, Wilson succumbed to the secular powers which endeavor unceasingly to separate man from God. He lost his faith and became a self-proclaimed atheist, but the mercy of God and the guidance of Our Lady directed his reversion back into the Holy Catholic Church.

Wilson’s reversion is unique in that he credits the novel “The Exorcist” for reigniting the flame of spiritual combat that he had felt so many years before. For 12 years now, he has embarked upon the study of demonology and of the occult, so as to warn people of the very real dangers of Satan and his minions.

As a former New York City Police Officer, he experienced the domination the occult has over people, especially the poorer classes. He has seen the superstitions which drive people away from the arms of Christ, and he has always sought and continues to seek to inflame the hearts of all people with Christ’s all-consuming fire of Love.

Wilson is currently the co-host of Vericast.net, a Catholic apostolate which instructs Catholics to Know the Truth, Live the Truth, and Be the Truth. He deeply believes in the true meaning and purpose of Vatican II, which was to empower the laity, to defend the Gospel, and to defend the Catholic Church against all Her enemies.

Saint Joseph, Terror of demons, pray for us!


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