Band of Christian Brothers – Step Up!

Saturday March 16, 2019


9:15AM – Doors Open

10:00 AM –  Opening/ Step Up!  (David Gilbert)

10:15AM – Address to men (Archbishop Christian Lépine)

The Archbishop of Montreal will address and rally the men. Details to come.

11:00AM – Priest, Prophet, and King – Where do I begin (Al Smith)

For 30 years I have been training apprentices in both the trades and in corporate Canada.  The talk would be a hands-on reflection of how to become an effective priest, prophet, and king in today’s world.   Men are looking for a “How To” approach to things.  I can present a lot of good ideas to them that have been proven effective over the years. 

11:45AM – Break

12:00PM – Holiness and Manhood (Marco Mastromonaco)

How to navigate the world while still being a man.  What it means to be pastoral.  Meekness vs weakness.

12:45PM – Lunch (Confessions available during lunch break)

2:00PM – The Cross – Where are all the Men? (Al Smith)

When we look to Calvary we see that there was only one man there.  The rest were scattered and scared.  (And even that one man there, might not have been there if it wasn’t for the encouragement of the Blessed Mother.)  This talk will speak to what men can learn from Calvary and the Cross.    There is nothing more manly than Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.  As St. Thomas Aquinas wrote many years ago, “I have learned more from the crucifix than from any of my books.”

2:45PM – Break

3:00PM – Adoration (Rosary and Confessions)

4:00 PM – Discipline in Prayer & Life (Marco Mastromonaco)

Marco will focus on being disciplined in prayer as well as being physical.  Weights, MMA, BJJ, sports, whatever as a healthy outlet to avoid ideological ‘extremes’ inside the Church and inside the world.

4:45PM – Closing Remarks/ Dismissal (David Gilbert)

5:00PM – Mass

* Schedule subject to changes


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