Optional Pre-Event              

8:00AM – Daily Mass  [At Canada Christian College in the smaller hall on the main floor.]

Schedule of Event*   

8:15AM – Doors Open           

9:00AM – Rosary

9:30AMTalk 1 – Welcome/ The Spiritual and Temporal Reality (David Gilbert)

9:45AMTalk 2 – Spiritual Warfare  (Fr. Gary Thomas)

Fr. Thomas talks about what spiritual warfare is and the general state of exorcism in North America.

10:45AM – Break

11:00AMTalk 2 A Modern Story of Divine Mercy (Zachary King)

Zachary shares his remarkable journey to the occult, becoming High Wizard of a Satanic coven, to his miraculous conversion to Christ though Our Lady.

12:00PM Lunch

1:15PM – Talk 3 – Doorways and Protection (Fr. Gary Thomas)

Father shares 4 ordinary means of protection and the doorways that people open: some are deliberate and others not.

2:15PM – Break

2:30PM – Talk 4Spiritual Warfare and Abortion (Zachary King)

Zachary explains why and how he knows abortion is a Satanic sacrifice, and how it comes to infiltrate our culture. And the most effective, proven methods to fight abortion.

3:30PM – Question and Answer (Fr. Thomas & Zachary)

4:00PM – Dismissal

* Schedule subject to changes


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