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Band of Christian Brothers 4

Msgr. Christian Lépine, Al Smith, Marco Mastromonaco, David Gilbert
Sat. March 16, 2019

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3rd Annual Band of Christian Brothers  Men’s Conference
Hector Molina, Bp. Gerard Bergie & David Gilbert,  – TORONTO 
– February 2018


Spiritual Warfare
Fr. Gary Thomas, Zachary King & David Gilbert,  – TORONTO 
– October 2017


2nd Annual Band of Christian Brothers  Men’s Conference
Fr. Larry Richards, Abp. Christian Lépine & David Gilbert,  – TORONTO
– February 2017


Revival – Restoring the Sacred in Our Lives & Church
Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z), Stephanie Gray & David Gilbert,  – TORONTO
– November 2016

“Excellent ministry! Today’s talks are relevant to current events and they’re just what I needed to hear with what’s going on in my life. Thanks so much!” – Natalie D.

“Good work and God bless you. Fantastic speakers.” – Jules L.

“Thank you very,very much. Great food for thought and implementation.” – Donna B.

Heroic Catholicism
Tim Staples & Tanya Granic Allen – TORONTO
– May 2016

“I always get so much of a faith-boost when I attend the Serviam conference days.” – Fr. Charles F.

“This was my first time here. I love my faith being challenged! Excellent day and talks.” – Marianne M.

“Overall, this event was fantastic!” – Raegan S.

Band of Christian Brothers  Men’s Conference
Cardinal Collins, Matt Fradd, Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers & David Gilbert – TORONTO
– March 2016

“The men’s conference was truly an eye opener and the healthy and holy kick in the pants that I needed to remind me of who He’s calling me to be as a man after God’s own heart.” – Marc P.

“Great event. I feel closer to God and my faith is strengthened.” – Frank P.

“Great day of speakers, prayer and fellowship.” – Timothy G.

Angels And Demons
Fr. Gary Thomas & Wilson Orihuela – TORONTO
– October 2015

“Amazing day! I learned a lot that helped me and my family about the dangers of New Age.” – Carol S.

“I look at the Ministry of Exorcism differently (it’s about healing and God’s mercy) and learned a lot about what I can do to help myself and others fight the battle against Satan. The Church is full of rich treasures and weapons!” – Lee L.

Mercy and the Kingdom
Dr. Scott Hahn & Patrick Sullivan – TORONTO
– May 2015

“I gotta say that the Hahn and Sullivan talk was amazing in every way! I especially love seeing so many old friends, these talks are like mini Catholic reunions and with each event you can see a community growing and gathering!!!” – Frank C

“This was my first time here and I loved the whole day” – Maria C

“Excellent Day! Very spiritually uplifting.” – Patrick L

On A Mission From God
Tim Staples & Patrick Sullivan – OTTAWA
– December 2014

“Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful speakers to Ottawa.” – Theresa D

“Both captivating speakers. It was an inspiring moving talks.” – David M

“This is a wonderful conference. Hopefully you will be able to come to Ottawa twice a year.” – Brian M

The Future of Catholicism
Tim Haines & Michael Voris – TORONTO
– November 2014

“Great speakers, book/DVD selections, great food, very well organized – Good venue. Thank you for all your dedication to organizing this event” – Monica K

“Praise the Lord for promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” – Erin G

“I travelled from New Brunswick just to see these two guys. They are the best out there” – Jesse B

“I was absolutely amazed by Michael and Tim. I had always been hoping to attend a session like this.” – Helen K

“Simply words cannot say how important the speakers are. We need this – us and every Catholic and our youth today. Thank you so much!” – Pat M.

“Excellent speakers. Michael Voris held the crowd with electrifying brilliance, while Tim Haines gave great analogies in driving home his points. One of the best and real world explanations of the church’s historical teaching of “Lex Orandi, Lex Credenti, Lex Vivandi” – David O.

Put On the Armour of God
Steve Ray & Allan Smith – TORONTO
– April  2014

“What an inspiration you all are and a perfectly executed event!! It was so so fabulous!! We are all talking about it and will tonight at our bible study!!!” – Erin B.

“Allan Smith’s talk was beautiful and inspiring and Steve Ray was not only entertaining, but his talks were densely packed with information. I’m going to have to order a video version of this one. Thank you David and Theresa for all you do out of love for Our Blessed Lord and the Church. It is much appreciated.” – Amber V.

In Search of Truth
Marcus Grodi & Patrick Sullivan – TORONTO
– October  2013

“Thanks so much for your ministry.  It is very valuable. We enjoyed the day.  The talks were excellent. And so were the materials for sale.” – Annette

“I really like last Saturday’s talk, as both of them exceeded my expectations.  Patrick Sullivan – his personal story was impressive and his presentation was superb, both delivery and content!  Marcus Grodi – I knew he was good, but he did much much better than his JH series. His talks are like talking to a long lost friend suddenly having a chance to get together for a heart-to-heart update!  How can it not be wonderful!” – Louisa

Be A Saint!
Peter Kreeft – TORONTO
– June 2013

“I wanted to thank you for all the work that went into planning the event “Be a Saint” with Dr. Kreeft. I very much enjoyed the day. More so, I was inspired to keep moving forward in the direction of becoming a Saint.” – Kimberly L.

“Thank you for all the work you do – I know that many people, including myself, appreciate it very much. The Peter Kreeft talk was excellent, and that’s not just me talking. I will be keeping you in my prayers.” – Joshua M.

The New Evangelization
Scott Hahn – TORONTO –
October 2012

“Our sincere thanks to you both for organizing this ambitious event through your ministry. What a tremendous shot-in-the-arm it was! Wonderful to see such a huge turn-out too and to have the opportunity to meet up with folks from all sorts of past events and programs. It was so encouraging for us too to see so many young people there. You have done a great service to the Catholic community – bless you!” – Ged and Jennifer D.

“Thank you so much for bringing Scott Hahn to Toronto. It was a very blessed day indeed. Scott Hahn is a gift from God and so are you. We look forward to your next event.” – Yvette B.

A great blog post about the event by Robert LeBlanc. Click here.

“May God Bless you and your family for bringing us all closer to God.” – Pamela L.

“God Bless your special ministry” – Steve S.

The New Evangelization
Michael Voris – TORONTO
– May 2012

“Michael really shook me up. I now take my faith more seriously and trying to help my friends and family to come back to the Catholic Church. Thank you !” – John M.

“Powerful. Bold. Eye opening. I had an amazing time and great to meet other Catholics who are on fire for the Lord!” – Karen P.


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