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A donation to Serviam Ministries gives you the multiplier effect because the people partaking in our events, programs, website and store gain knowledge in their faith and the confidence to share The Good News with their family, friends and communities.

  • You can help change the world – a world that is saturated in lies and deceit – and win it over to Christ.
  • You can help us bring the Truth to an audience as close as your neighbour and as far as another continent.

Please help us continue in catechizing and evangelizing around the world – donate today to be a part of our mission!

NOTE: We are NOT a not-for-profit. You will not receive a tax receipt.

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The Couple Behind the Ministry

A Crisis of Faith

  • Catholic Youth Leaving the Church 80% 80%
  • Weekly Mass Attendance 23% 23%
  • Catholics Who Attend Mass On Sundays & Go To Confession At Least Once A Year 10% 10%
  • Catholics Claiming Strong Religious Identity 27% 27%
  • Catholics Who Believe In The Real Presence 46% 46%

Why Donate To Serviam Ministries?

There is a great crisis in catechesis in the Church – even practicing Catholics. It is important for our salvation that we know what Christ and His Church teaches. It is our mission to help form and educate and equip Catholics, and those interested in the faith, through our programs, online outreach and events.

St. Pope John Paul II called for a “new evangelization”. Our post Christian world is in desperate need of hearing the message of the Gospel and to bring Christ back into individuals lives and society.

We evangelize and engage where people are spending their time and gathering – online and in person. Though our blog, videos, social media and our events we engage and proclaim the Gospel.

  • We host events featuring quality Catholic speakers, support Catholic businesses, religious communities and artists.
  • We create a forum (both online and offline) where Catholics, and those people of good will, can learn about the faith, grow in the faith and share the faith with others. This creates the bonds of friendship and strengthens the sense of community of believers.

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