Saint-GregWritten by: Kathleen Dunn

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? But so does believing in lies. We have to face the reality that our society is becoming increasingly more numb and ignorant to the Truth. And I’m not only referring to truth for specific issues such as when a human life begins or the sacredness of the sexual act. I’m referring to something scarier: the complete abandonment of morality and objectivity. Essentially, abandonment of Truth as a whole. The devil started small by slowly blurring the line between right and wrong – distinctions that have been understood for centuries. And now, having a standard of morality and values is something seemingly unheard of. Subjectivity – “Whatever you think is right for you” – is becoming the norm.

As Catholics, we have a grave responsibility to be beacons, lighthouses, stop signs, blaring lights of Truth to our families, communities, and the world at large. Whatever it takes, we must have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to others trampling on Catholicism, morality, values and standards. Candy-coating the truth so that it does not offend others just doesn’t cut it. What is more offensive is allowing each other to walk straight into Hell without offering a hand towards the path to Christ. Going to hell is more offensive than any honest truth could ever be – to be blunt. As Catholics who are so immensely blessed to know and have access to the Truth, we must always give our neighbor the opportunity to know it. Otherwise, unfortunately, your witness could very well have been their only chance at awakening the buried desire for Truth within them.

Of course, any hope to reverse these negative trends must begin with inner conversion, as the Church continues to tell us. We must strive for holiness in every single moment. There is no room to be lazy when it comes to learning more about our faith and building up our relationship with God. These two crucial pieces to our lives are never ending, but ultimately fulfilling. Thus, as we have only a short time on this earth, our guard must never be down. We must research Church teachings, read the Holy Bible, receive the sacraments and be in continual conversation with God. We must pray to our guardian angels to remind us of opportunities to grow in Holiness and spread the Truth. We must look to the lives of the saints as examples of wisdom – many of them suffered great persecution, had no friends and no comforts but the Lord. We must pray to our Blessed Mother to take possession of our lives and bring us to her Son.

Yes, the state of the world and where it seems to be headed is scary and overwhelming. But, as Blessed Pope John Paul II tells us, we must not be afraid. We must not be afraid to be persecuted, to be hated, to be rejected, to lose friends or to even lose our job for the sake of upholding the Truth. All these things are small in comparison to the glory of Heaven, and the coming of Christ’s Kingdom. We can never afford to lose anything when Truth and the fate of the world is at stake. We cannot sit around and wait for others to make a change. No matter what state of life you are in – young, old, lawyer, doctor, priest – we all must honor Christ and His Truth in whatever way possible. Be brave, be bold, be faithful. We are nothing but Christ’s hands in the world to bring about His Kingdom. Let us pray for each other that we are always ready to boldly proclaim our Catholic faith no matter what the cost.



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