group - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

Have you ever heard the saying, “Show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of person you are”.

Last week I had a friend over for supper and some beers. This friend of mine is on fire for the Lord. Throughout the evening we talked about many topics about the faith, the Church, and life.

After the visit I reflected on the conversations we shared. During this time I was impassioned about my own faith and relationship with Christ. This encouraged me to amend areas in my prayer life and relationship with God where I was starting to become lax. I wanted the same faith and holiness as he does.

That night and the subsequent days my prayers were more intense and I got more out of reading the scripture and my daily devotions. I was also encouraged to go back and do a general examination of conscious that took me back to my teenage years. I went to Confession and confessed those sins I may have forgotten whether through ignorance, pride or shame. It was one of the best confessions I have had in a long time.

I share this with you not to boast but in hopes of encouraging you in your faith and illustrate what a powerful impact your friends have on the person that you are. It is very important to surround ourselves with people who are seeking the Lord. And, while I am not suggesting cutting yourself off from the world or interacting with unbelievers, to grow in our faith and relationship with Christ we need support and inspiration from others.

Take some time now to consider:

  • What kind of people do I choose associate with?
  • Am I a person that supports and inspires others in their faith journey?
  • Who in my life supports and inspires me in my faith journey?


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