woman on phone worry - smallWritten By: Amber Miller

If you happen to stumble across a blog post on a Catholic website, you may well be Catholic. You may be a convert, a cradle Catholic or you may simply be curious about what Catholics have to say. No matter who you are or what you believe, I hope that you can find hope from the following.

You are here. You are wherever you are in your life: in the storm of trial, in the fires of temptation, in the calm of a retreat. You may not know where you are or where you’re supposed to go. You may feel like you’re stuck, bitterly watching everyone else move past you. I’ve been there. In fact, look next to you, I am there. The world pulls us in so many different directions, all the while encouraging us to forge your own path, or to follow your heart, as though a human organ can offer divine counsel. Many people may offer all kinds of sentimental advice beginning with “all you have to do is…” I say, that’s crap. I don’t have any advice. I can’t make any promises. And I can’t make you feel better any more than I can make myself feel better. There is one thing I do know, and it’s that faith is not a feeling. Sometimes faith is a choice, and a difficult one. To illustrate this point, I rely on the words of an anonymous prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp, who scratched this message of hope onto his cell wall.

“I believe in the sun
even when it is not shining.
I believe in love
even when I don’t feel it.
And I believe in God
even when he is silent.”

No matter where you are, what you’re struggling with, what you’re suffering from, you are here. On this planet. At your computer or device, still somehow reading a blog by someone who is just as lost as you are. Surrounded by co-sufferers of the human condition. You are in the blinding light of God’s presence, perhaps unaware. There is a God Who embraced the worst of human suffering so that you don’t have to be alone. Jesus is there, suffering beside you, inside you, and you’re about as aware of it as a fish is aware of water. You, along with every other human, are searching and pining to see Him and know Him and feel His love. God put that desire into every human heart. But faith is more than a feeling. So sometimes all you can do is be still and know:

You are here. And you’re not alone.


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