writting typing old school - smallWritten By: Patrick Sullivan

I have often lamented that there is little to comment on in the Catholic world.

Yes, there are lots of negative things happening out there, Catholic or not, but who wants to write about those?

And there is much happening that Catholics are a part of but again, that really doesn’t keep my attention for longer than the headline.

WHAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT are the small things.

The secret and clandestine moves of the every man in our generation.

I want to know and write about the Francis when the world thought him crazy for kissing a leper and no one would give him money.

I want to know and write about the Sister Faustina who seemed to those who knew her as one simply obsessed with a painting.

BECAUSE IT SEEMS TO ME that the Church on the world stage is never quite the Church as I know her.

Even when all is well, and the media plays nice, and many show up – I hardly recognize Her.

But when you fight through your struggle today and you do what is right through many tears.

When you bite your lip and save many from the fire through secret acts of mercy.

When you force yourself to open your Bible because you don’t know where else to turn…


Is that bold of me to say? Sure.

But it doesn’t change the fact that what you are about to do today is worth writing about.

You are one of God’s almost saints and your decisions, no matter how small you consider them are the undetected moves that can change everything.


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