Written By: Sandra Walfisz

While preparing for my next woman’s group meeting, I stumbled across the movie “Shall We Dance?” (starring Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere). It’s about a husband who feels like he lives a very dull and routine life, but somehow gets drawn to take up ballroom dancing, which helps him find a new found joy that he hadn’t felt in a while. At the very end of the movie, there is a beautiful scene where his wife is working late and he surprises her at work dressed in a tuxedo holding a single rose. As he approaches her and explains why he came here instead of going to a goodbye party, he asks her to dance. She hesitates with responses like “I don’t know how”, “I don’t know the steps” and “right here?”. Very gently he calms her nerves by reassuring her that he will teach her and slowly begins to lead her in a slow waltz in the middle of the store (click the link for the video of the scene). Needless to say, my heart is melting at this point but there is something deeper that I came to realize after watching this scene. How do I respond to God’s invitation to me? How many times has He reached out His hand to pull me onto the dancefloor and I hesitate with the exact same responses and questions?

God tries to catch our attention in so many different ways, and tries to pull the strings of our heart to direct us back to Him. He is constantly reaching out His hand and inviting us, but how do we usually respond? More than often…we hesitate. Fear quickly seeps in and all these questions start flooding our minds: What if I don’t know what to do? What will happen if I let go and let Him lead? What if I make a fool of myself and fall on my face? We will sit in these doubts and fears and sometimes even convince ourselves that they are a reality. The devil knows exactly which spot to hit to start this vicious cycle of doubt. The world will try to convince us that we don’t have it in us to step onto that dancefloor with God, and that if we do we will make a total mess of ourselves. God takes our hand and reminds us that if we let Him lead, that He will teach us the steps. He will help us see that we have always had this inside of us and we have always known what to do and where to go. We just need to say “Yes” to His invitation and let Him lead us onto that floor.

It’s a test of faith, and we know that there will always be those that will say comments or look down on us. But in that very moment, if we allow ourselves to become completely present with God and lost in Him, nothing else will matter but Him. We won’t care who is watching or what is being said. All that will matter, is spending that moment fully with God.

So the next time God tries to grab your attention and reaches out His hand with an invitation…will you dance?


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