march-for-lifeWritten By: Lawrence Lam

The Oscar-nominated film Selma is a retelling of the civil rights marches in Selma, Alabama led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A film like this stirs the national consciousness to be honest and self-reflective about progress made within a culture. Hopefully one day there will be a similar film released about the struggles symbolized by the long series of Marches for Life. Whereas Selma’s marches symbolized the struggle for equal voting rights across races, yesterday’s March for Life in Washington DC and tomorrow’s Walk for Life in San Francisco, like many similar marches across the US this week take up the cause for equal protection of life in all its stages, from conception to death.

Decades after culture predominantly established abortion as a non-negotiable given, the growing sizes of these walks clearly show that the Truth must push back. The triumph of Selma reminds me that a random group of people can walk down an arbitrary street and change laws and hearts. I look forward to marching in tomorrow’s Walk for Life West Coast to do the same – to encounter the frontlines of the abortion battle and pray for the counter-protestors, to influence those who are not well versed in the issue, and express solidarity with thousands of other marchers who would have preferred to know their lives were protected since they were conceived.

Demonstration of presence also happens online as a way to overcome the media blackouts that the major news organizations will place over our record breaking numbers, such as to minimize the visibility and impact. Facebook and Twitter are channels that allow our freedom of expression to shine. The demonstration of presence is not meant to be a demonstration of power, but an invitation to the undecided, on the fence, and timid to join, learn more, and stand up for truth.

It does seem that mass non-violent gatherings such as these pro-life marches in North America, those Voting Rights marches in Selma, and the democracy movements in Hong Kong seem to be what’s needed to awaken a nation’s conscience and lead towards social change, slowly but surely. Pray for the marchers this week and pray for hearts and minds to be open to the message of life.


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