keep calm catholic onWritten By: David Gilbert

We need to conform to God, not conform God to us.

Today we have over 30,000 Christian sects or as Pope Benedict calls them “ecclesial communities” NOT churches since only the Catholics and Orthodox can truly claim to be Churches since they can trace back their bishops to the Apostles.

Why are there so many Protestant sects? Most people will say because the Church was corrupt and so it needed reform – hence the name the “Protestant Reformation”. However, it was not a reformation but rather a “Protestant Revolution” since a revolution does away with the current structure and installs a new one, where a reformation is a reform within the current structure (in this case Christ’s Church).

Was there corruption within the Church? Yes. Did the Church need reform?  Yes. Was the Protestant Revolution justified? NO!

Many of the priests, bishops and religious (including Martin Luther) were already living a life that was not in line with the teachings of the Church and so they sought to establish their own “church” to justify their living. And the corruption within the hierarchy of The Church was the perfect excuse.

This is why we find divisions within Christianity, because there is and was a desire to make God more like the self, instead of making the self more like God. As a result there are many Protestant ecclesial communities popping up all over the place because someone or a group of people interpret God’s Word (the Bible) to fit and justify their lifestyle.

Doctrine does not change. If it changes then it wasn’t true to begin with. If it is true then no changes are to be made since it is a reflection of the Divine Truth and therefore you cannot just come and say: “well half the world doesn’t believe this anymore so lets get rid of that”. This is what the Protestants did and continue to do – change doctrine.

Now Catholics, don’t think you are off the hook. There are many CINOs (Catholic In Name Only) out there that pick and choose what to believe/ accept from the Catholic Church. You are either in or out. You cannot be “a little Catholic” or be Catholic in some areas (like abortion or Mary) and then not Catholic in others (like contraception or female ordination). You either accept Christ’s teachings and the authority and teachings of His Church or you don’t. If you don’t then you need to do some soul searching and see whom do you truly serve – yourself or God. If it is God then we have to give ourselves totally to Him. This is why many people, even today, continue to leave the Catholic Faith.

Below is an excellent video explaining about why we have so many Protestant sects, why many Catholics continue to leave the Church and how Catholics should live out their life – showing our brothers and sisters in Christ the Truth.



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