Written By: Sandra Walfisz

Yesterday was the Annual March for Life in Ottawa where thousands of people and youth gathered together to defend the right to life, from womb to tomb. I have always heard many different opinions from people about attending the March. Some are very much engaged and will attend “full force” every year, some are very against it and have opposing views to the issue of abortion itself, and some agree with defending life but feel that nothing good will come out of just going to this March. “It’s not like we can change the policy by one march or by standing outside an abortion clinic”, “The government is what it is, we can’t really do anything about it.” I thought about asking myself that same question: “why do I march?”

In all honesty, I know my presence there might not make a drastic change to our policy that day. So why still do it? Why do young people still come year after year, with last year reaching almost 25,000? Why do I continue to take the time out of my schedule and drive through the night, run on minimal sleep, and attend this event? If I can plant a seed in ONE woman’s heart, stir something inside to make her think or re-consider her decision and give her baby a chance to live, that is more than enough of a reason. One life saved makes every effort worth it.

Sometimes we get discouraged because we focus our attention too much on the big overall change. Realistically speaking it’s no wonder that we do, because we try to reach a goal that may not necessarily be realistic to us. How do you change the world? You start with yourself, your family, your friends and those around you. You start with one small act, one person, and you let that act ripple. I remember hearing a testimony from a friend who was standing and praying during the 40 days for life in front of the abortion clinic here in Scarborough. She had mentioned that a young couple was walking to the abortion clinic, but they stopped for a moment when they saw our signs that wrote, “abortion stops a beating heart.” When she asked the volunteer if that were true, and realized that it was actually a baby with a beating heart growing inside, she made the courageous decision to walk away and keep the baby.

THAT right there, that is a miracle! THAT is the reason that I carry in my heart when I attend this March each year. THAT is why I march.


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