woman talk to hand - smallWritten By: Amber Miller

Things to do,
things to see.
Things to have,
things to be.
Things to buy,
things to try.
Things take up
Too much of me.

In Maltese, the word “imbarazz” is used to describe “stuff” or unnecessary, unwanted clutter. My Maltese mom used this word every so often as I grew up, and now, there are few things that I enjoy more than clearing out some old things when they become mere “imbarazz.”  I noticed that when my bedroom is filled with old clothing, half-filled notebooks, and unused craft supplies, I spend less time in it. The little time that I do spend in my bedroom is not restful; my mind is as cluttered as my surroundings when I realize how little time I’ve had to upkeep one room. Why didn’t I have time? Was I spending just a little too much time on Facebook? Did I waste a bit too much energy on styling my hair? Do my daily habits reflect the priorities I claim to have?

I realized that “imbarazz” doesn’t just come in the form of objects, but also objectives. Do you ever feel as though your life is filled with so many things, even the things that you once enjoyed become “imbarazz” in your schedule? Do you sometimes allow unimportant busywork distract you away from what (and who) you truly love? Every so often, it is helpful to tidy up your schedule: trim out unnecessary projects to make space in your “things to do” list. Those spaces may allow you to take your time on a chore, afford you a tender moment with a loved one, or best of all, grant you the silence and stillness that God is dying to share with you.


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