woman tear down face - smallWritten by: Fr. Mike Simoes

A reflection upon reading about Jason and Marie Taylor and their triplets in this article “We were blessed to have met them”; Parents of preemie triplets find meaning in the unthinkable.

In the aftermath of tragedy, it is always difficult to find meaning. We always ask, “Why”…”Why me?”…”Why Lord have you done this?”…”My Jesus, why?” I have had one significant experience with the death of a child. Unfortunately for this family, the child was still born. They did not have the opportunity to hold their child alive or speak tender and loving words to their child after birth. However, like Jason and Marie Taylor, this couple began to soul search and ask the most significant question: ”Why does God allow this pain, this grief, this suffering, this loss?”

Yet, the answer is a personal one. God speaks tender and loving words to each and every one of us as we go through these tragedies. Listen to the words of Jason as he speaks to his children: “Hey, I love you guys…I’m looking forward to meeting you…” Are these not the words that Jesus speaks to each and every one of us? Love manifests itself in action, as we have been reading in the Mass these past few days. God loved us by sending His Son to die for us and He redeemed suffering through His passion, death and resurrection. This is where we find meaning in tragedy: the cross. In reality, the Cross becomes the greatest evil ever committed because we killed God. Yet, through the cross the greatest good was brought about: our eternal salvation and eternal life.

God permits evil to bring about a greater good. Maybe for Jason and Marie, the greater good will point to the fact that abortion is murder. That from the moment of conception, life begins and is a person willed and called by God. Unfortunately, we cannot always see this greater good in the grand scheme of things. Fr. Barron in his “Catholicism” series presents God as an artist. All we can see is maybe a few strokes of the picture in our tiny finite world. But God, who is the artist, paints the big picture and only when we look at things from God’s standpoint as artist will we see how everything played out.

This story and many like it really are a testament to life and how precious it is from the moment of conception to natural death. God willed each and every one of us into being and He sustains us in His being. In His time, He will bring us to Himself so that we might be with Him in our heavenly homeland.


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