Kids lookng at flowers laying on grass - smallWritten By: Amber Miller

The world is full of insurmountable problems, especially for Christians. Between war, natural disasters, crimes against humanity and poverty, our world has been thrown into chaos. Worse yet, the crumbling morale of society has us facing unprecedented exposure to pornography, abortion, apathy, and abuse. Some may claim that the world has never looked so hopeless.

With elections right around the corner, even the political prospects do not seem very promising. How are we to live—let alone bear children—in such messy, inhumane conditions? How are we to live our Christian vocation if we cannot even protect our own families?

I am going to propose something that sounds so completely irrational that it must be true:

We all need to act more like children.

You think I’m kidding? Consider the following observations:

  1. Children are not exposed to They expose injustice. When they see something happening—whether across the street or across the world—they often exclaim “Hey! That’s not fair!” Whether children are defending their own deserts or those of others, children seem to have an internal “fairness” thermometer. Instead of trying to “protect” children in a little bubble of ignorance, let us ask them to help us ensure that all children are protected.
  2. Children immediately desire to act. Sometimes, their minds are not sophisticated enough to consider “adult” objections, political correctness or complex ethical debates. This isn’t a criticism. Rather, it can be a source of confidence which hasn’t been squashed by adult cynicism. If given the right tools and encouragement, children can begin entire movements—and they have.
  3. Children use what they have. I saw a little girl in the news today: eight year old Addie Tinholt is making bracelets to raise funds for Syrian refugees. Her birthday wish is to raise 30,000 dollars so that she may sponsor a refugee family. I have no doubt in my mind that she will achieve her goal, and exceed her own expectations.
  4. Children trust. Children trust that their actions—however minimal—will not be wasted. How often are adults so weighed down by the world’s problems that we think our talents, our compassion, our donation can’t be of any use? Where is our confidence? Our Saviour took a few scraps of food—a tiny donation from one grubby kid—and turned it into a feast fit for thousands. We as Christians cannot afford not to trust in the generosity of God. The world is depending on our hopeful dependence!

Sometimes we need to stop adding to the noise. Sometimes instead of attempting to think a problem to death, we need to just do, and do with confidence! Maybe if everyone takes a moment to perform an act of kindness, we will finally build a world that is grounded on hope.

And a little child shall lead them.


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