Written By: Sandra Walfisz,

When you look at a tree, what do you notice first? You can see how tall it is, its leaves, maybe blooming flowers or some kind of fruit, you can see its branches reaching out to the heavens or just how majestic and strong it looks. But have you ever thought about its roots? That is the one part of a tree that we do not see…but it is actually the MOST important part of the tree. The roots and where it’s planted, that is what brings in all the nutrients and water and is reflected in what we see, which is it’s leaves, branches and flowers.

Where are the roots in your life? Where are you planted? Are you rooted in nourishing soil with a strong water source, or are you rooted in dry cracked soil, or sand? Bishop Fulton Sheen talked about how everything that we do and act, everything that is seen is a reflection of what is inside, what is unseen. There were many times in my life where I planted myself in very poor soil, and once my roots started to grow into it, it reflected in my poor fruits and the dryness of my leaves. I needed God, the most loving gardener, to come and cut my roots, so that I could be replanted into His everlasting soil with a never-ending nourishing stream.  It meant changes, it meant cutting myself out of that environment that didn’t nourish my roots…but it also meant a new start.

What we say, how we act or react is all a reflection of what is truly going on inside of us and what is nourishing our soul, in other words what environment do we plant ourselves in. We can’t expect to constantly overcome our battles and struggles if we don’t change where we have planted ourselves. It doesn’t matter how strong we are, we cannot win against sin on our own and especially in a malnourishing environment. Eventually the dog will bite us if we get close enough and keep ourselves in that environment.

In those times when we feel like we are living a “double life” or we constantly keep struggling with the same battles, take a moment to look at where are your roots and in what soil are they planted. God is the most gentle and loving gardener, and He wants to plant every single one of us into His life-giving soil and water, because that is where our true happiness will be found and we will bear fruits that we never imagined we had in us. Yes that means we need to allow our old roots to be cut sometimes, and to allow ourselves to be removed from that poor soil that has now become a comfort for us. Let your old roots be cut, so that you can truly bloom to the potential that God gave you.

Praying for you!


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