Written By Tanya Granic Allen

I couldn’t help but wonder this past weekend- as many of us took in special concerts, parades, or fireworks spectaculars- what Canada would be like in another 150 years?

Do you have the same hope promise for the future of our land as the early French colonies did in 1534? Or are you like me, and a little doubtful as to our future?

It is with great difficulty which I celebrate Canada’s 150th; it seems like so many laws have been passed which degrade and negate the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which our country was founded, and which successfully guided our laws for most of our history.  Just this past month, our federal government passed Bill C-16 enshrining transgender rights into law, and trampling upon our freedom of expression in the process.

Last year, that same government passed legislation allowing doctor-assisted death for Canadians. Will this new law now expand its application to the mentally ill and to children, as the committee report initially recommended?

Furthermore, abortion- chemical and surgical- is killing the future of Canada. Millions of Canadian babies who should have been born have been killed. When I read of Canada’s sagging birth rate, I think of all those babies who would have helped to continue the building of this nation.

I’m sure that Jacques Cartier, who in 1534 planted a 33 ft. cross onto the land of present day Quebec, couldn’t possible foretell how today schools are ordered to remove crosses from walls, and employees are told not to wear crosses at work.

I’m sure our fathers of confederation are rolling over in their graves at the thought of Canada gutting its rich Christian heritage in favour of a secular (atheistic?) standard.

So what will Canada be like in 150 years? If we continue down this self-destructive path, and don’t wake up and start obeying God’s laws, I’m not sure there will be much to celebrate in 15- let alone 150 years.


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