21 coptic christians 2Written By: David Gilbert

War is upon them. Peace is not possible. Complete eradication of men from Middle Earth is the objective of the enemy. That is what the men of Rohan faced in the Lord of the Rings. In the last moments of battle when hope was hanging by a thread and defeat seemed certain against the onslaught of the Uruk-hai ; King Théoden asked in desperation “What can men do against such reckless hate?!”

I am reminded of this quote when hearing about the constant persecution of Christians in the Middle-East, North Africa, Pakistan, India and Indonesia. You don’t hear about the constant attacks on Christians by their Muslim neighbours incited by extremists in the Western mainstream media which is why I was surprised to see that FOX News covered one of these stories.  The title read “Thousands of Christians Displaced in Ethiopia After Muslim Extremists Torch Churches, Homes

As of the publication of this article only one Christian was killed but many more injured and anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 have been displaced. On top of that 50 churches and dozens of homes were burned. The reason: the Kawarja sect and other extremists have been preaching religious intolerance in the area.

But there are many other cases that we don’t hear:

And the list goes on….

There is a sinister plan by Islamic extremists to eradicate Christians and Christianity in Muslim lands. These Christians are living under threat for just believing in Jesus Christ.  They are truly living with the cross of Christ, where every day they are discriminated against and can face physical harm. Every day they face persecution and every day they make a conscience decision to love Christ.

“What can men do against such reckless hate?” We can pray for those Christians who are suffering in these lands, bring greater awareness to this issue and support them through donations to organizations that help Christians in those lands.

Shahbaz Bhatti, giving witness to Jesus Christ and willing to die for his people.

I would like to close with a prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you for the blessing of us living in these lands where we have freedom of religion. We ask for your protection and aid to those Christians living in Muslim lands that are being persecuted in your Son’s name. May there be peace and dialogue between the faiths. Amen


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