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This post will continue with my theme of recognizing New Age philosophies and practices in our midst, so that we can avoid them and stay true to Christian identity. I want to share a conversation I had the other day with a devout, knowledgeable Catholic.

We were discussing my challenges in the field of nutrition where New Age ideologies are everywhere. I learned from her that a lot of what Iʼve seen and heard in my classrooms and nutrition magazines is drawn from the Hindu religion. This makes sense because the New Age is a conglomerate of various beliefs from all the world religions.

Here is something I didnʼt know:

When someone bows to you with their hands together as in prayer and says, “Namaste,” they are saying, “I bow to the god/goddess within you” or “The god/goddess within me bows to the god/goddess within you.”

You will often find this practiced by many Catholics and Christians who do yoga. I wonder if they know the meaning behind the word and the action?

My point is that New Age has so become a part of our culture that we often donʼt recognize it and therefore can unwittingly become a part of it.

Popular movies and TV shows are laced with New Age thinking all the time. And the much-loved Oprah Winfrey has now become one of the worldʼs foremost leaders in the movement toward self-actualization.

Donʼt get me wrong, we do need to seek healing, wholeness and balance in our lives. But, the source of true healing, wholeness and balance is Jesus Christ Himself Who offered His Body and Blood on the Cross so that we could have Life and have it to the full!

Why settle for less?


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