Written By: Diana Nega

Today I’m going to touch an issue that we are all affected by.  If we turn on the news or look social media, we see it everywhere. What we are seeing is humanity that is lost. It breaks my heart to see how many people are suffering around the world. With events that have happened around the world within the last year, the terror attacks that have happened throughout Europe and America, the persecution of Christians around the globe and many more, we can see how lost the world has become.

I felt I needed to address this today, because I am worried that as humanity we just walk by these events, because they don’t specifically impact our lives. Yes we may change our Facebook pictures and we use hashtags, but do we do more?

As Catholics, we have a huge role in the societies that we live in. We are bares of peace and love, we bring hope into this world. What you do and the way you speak, should always be about bring Christ into this world that is so lost.

My reader, I want you all to realize, that you are warrior in the army of CHRIST!  And you need to pick up your sword and you shield! Your sword is your rosary and your shield is the Eucharist! These are the heavenly gifts that we humanity have received to be able to fight against Satan.

The Lord almighty is asking us to fight the big battles against evil but also the everyday battles of our lives. We need to be clothed in God’s graces to over come all evil, to strengthen ourselves, through the good and the bad.

Every day, ask the Lord to strengthen your faith. That you may always trust in His love and mercy.  Joan of Arc said it beautifully, “ One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate far more terrible than dying.” Stand firm in your faith, and rejoice in the Glory of God and all of His goodness to us.


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