Written By: Lawrence Lam

Two churches were attacked Palm Sunday morning in an alleged terrorist attack by ISIS on Coptic Christians. This is a significant day as it marks the beginning of Holy Week where we delve deeper into the mystery of the Lord’s Passion, and as you can see from the way the Gospels are presented on Palm Sunday, we see ourselves in many roles in the Lord’s suffering.

We identify with the victims of these attacks as evil and sin never cease to look for ways to bring fear and discouragement to the mission of the Church. We just as much identify with Judas who betrays the Lord, in those times that we are mindlessly selfish; with Peter who denies the Lord, in those times that we cower in fear of repercussion; with Pilate who questions Truth itself, in those times that we wish reality was other than it is; and with the crowds in Jerusalem, when we are fickle in our loyalty on Sunday towards the Lord and on then turn around on Monday and bow to the ways of the world.

But we are also Simon, who help carry the Cross whose heavy weight makes even God fall; and the weeping women who strive to stay by the Lord’s side as He makes his way up Golgotha; we are the Centurion who takes on faith with a renewed freshness always allowing God to surprise us with reminders of His presence; Joseph of Arimathea whenever we dedicate what’s precious to ourselves to the Lord; and we are Jesus Himself as we accept our crosses and sufferings for the salvation of souls. In this way we take on in prayer and compassion the sufferings in Egypt and all those who are persecuted for walking in the ways of the Lord.

May you have a safe and blessed Holy Week.


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