walking down country road to cross-smallWritten by: Melissa Watson

As many of you may know, my husband, Gregory Watson, a regular contributor to the blog, broke his ankle and is just now starting to be able to put weight on it again. This is the story of how going for a walk with him inspired me to look at my Walk with Christ.

I have always been described as “a woman on a mission”. I forge ahead with my goal in sight and don’t slow down for anything or anyone. While I am polite and aware of others, I’m not totally engaging with my surroundings.

Recently when I walked with Gregory, that changed.  Firstly, I had to slow my pace considerably; secondly, I had to be aware of not only obstacles I would face but also those that would be challenging for him; and finally, if I did get ahead of him I had to wait or go back a few steps so he could catch up. It wasn’t until later that night that God gently convicted me of not walking with Him as I should.

You see, I need to slow my pace, to let God meet me where I am and not keep moving away from Him. In many ways that means spending quality time in prayer. Not the rushed grace before meals or the quick bedtime “Goodnight God…I’m tired” but truly thanking Him for the gifts of the day–but I also have to notice those gifts.

That’s where being aware comes in. I need to take the time to notice both the challenges and gifts in my life and in the lives of others. They may not be especially big or noteworthy, but if I can thank God for something everyday I’m a lot less likely to feel so hopeless and run down. Also, if I take note of the challenges other people are facing, I can pray for those people and not get stuck in the “poor me” mentality that leads nowhere good.

Finally, as Advent has just begun, I need to practice waiting. When I get ahead of God, it seems as though nothing in life is going the way I want it to, but if I let God lead and light my path then I am certain to feel fulfilled. I pray that God will help me and you to walk with Him always and to wait on His word.



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