adoration - smallWritten by: Mark Gamez

I was at adoration last Friday. Sitting in the back pews, I noticed how few of us were in the church: only 4 in total. I stayed a good hour and a half and by the end of it our numbers grew to 6 when an older couple came in and sat in the middle pews. It was great to see them from my angle, I could watch the expressions on their faces, the intensity of their prayer, the sadness, the fear, the desperation in their faces.

At some point the husband started crying a little and his wife tried to comfort him by putting her hand on his head and bringing him closer. It was a private moment that I witnessed between the three of them. God, the husband, and the wife; yes all three of them were there, and it was inspiring to see, how they were all communicating with each other. I knew that God was there listening to him, but also to her who has humbly recognized that she cannot fully comfort him, but there she was beside him, to support him as he prayed to God. She was praying with him, and he was praying for something that has obviously hurt him, probably questioning why, what they should do, and perhaps directing some anger over the pain towards God. They have brought it all back to God and together they cry within: “in good times and in bad” they said these words a long time ago before God, before His Church, and here I am a member of that same Church witnessing those very same words being lived out. Did something happen to their children? Did they lose a relative, a job, or money? Are they going through something hard in their relationships? Whatever it might be, they came together that Friday, to adore God in recognizing that He truly is present in their lives even in the hard times, and together they say to God, “I will love you and honor you, all the days of my life.”

Without God in our marriages, from who or from where will our words and vows derive their spirit?



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