Vocation of Motherhood

Written by: Theresa Gilbert

On August 22nd we observed “the Queenship of Mary, acknowledging that the highest place that any creature holds in heaven is occupied by a woman and a mother.

To be pro-life is to be pro-woman, and Mary the Mother of God is an inspiration for all women about how to embrace the vocation of motherhood, facing the unexpected with faith, courage and joy.”

The above quote is from Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life. It stands out for me for a few reasons. I’ll stick to the last line, though, about the importance for women “to embrace the vocation of motherhood, facing the unexpected with faith, courage and joy.”

The vocation of motherhood requires much sacrifice and it all starts with the pregnancy (nausea anyone?). There is so much that cannot be controlled – you can have the best birth plan and everything goes the opposite direction. Or, you can commit yourself to a certain way of teaching your child(ren) and realize another way is better for their temperament.

The vocation of motherhood brings much expected and unexpected joy, along with the sacrifices. Just in pregnancy alone, I have been able to experience the joy of feeling my child move. Perhaps even better, is seeing the excitement of my husband when he can see and feel the baby’s movement, too. We are looking forward to many more joyful memories with our child, and hopefully, future children.

Regardless of what life will bring to a mother, as the quote above highlights, mothers must face the unexpected with faith, courage and joy. Mary, our Heavenly Mother, will always be there to guide us.



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