School kids running happy - smallWritten by: Fr. Jason Kuntz

Many people are concerned about the lack of “values” in our culture today.  Educators and parents are often discussing how to instil these values in our children.

To be completely honest, I don’t think our values have changed.  If you were to ask every person you met what was the most important thing in their lives, I bet that over 90% would say “My marriage” “My family” or “My children.”   Our values are the same as our grandparents’ – but something is wrong.    If family is so important to people – why are there so many divorces – why are people having less and less children?

I don’t think our problem is a lack of values but a lack of virtue.  Values are the things that we hold to be important. Virtues are the habits of living our life in such a way that we actually achieve those things we believe to be important.

Everyone who gets married wants their marriage to last forever.  But in order for that to happen it takes a lot of virtues – understanding, humility to admit our mistakes, generosity to put another before myself, perseverance not to give up during difficult moments.

I’ve heard of many who say they would like to have more children, but feel it is impossible – and one thing that makes it impossible is lack of virtue.  Without frugality and industriousness one cannot support children.  Without patience one could not endure children’s constant demands and many mistakes.  Without prudence to distinguish a real crisis from “spilt milk” parents will go crazy.

Running a marathon is impossible if we lack the physical strength and endurance.  We may know where the finish line is – but we will never reach it.    It is not enough to teach our children what is important in life.   We must also train them in the virtues, so that they have the moral and spiritual strength to reach the finish line.


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