Written By: Lawrence Lam

Especially for young culture warriors one common expression of weariness that comes with age is withdrawing from the fight. The Truth is the truth yet the world cannot see it and the world rages on toward insanity. It is easy to feel bad for ourselves about wanting some sense of moderation in our lives without becoming lukewarm. This past Sunday’s Gospel offers a different take on our apparent willingness to withdraw from the fight: Tolerance.

Tolerance is a term bandied about implying that it is a value to celebrate evil and heresy. But what if what we are really doing is regrouping our energy and taking the time to understand the “weeds” a little bit better? It does no one any good to petulantly argue on deaf ears. It could do a lot of harm to further marginalize those without the right perception of our beliefs, much like prematurely pulling out weeds will also uproot the good plants. Rather, engaging in a patient and loving way with those we see differently with in the spirit of truth would hopefully draw others toward the Lord and gradually see themselves apart from what is not good for them. Stephanie Gray recently published a book and presented it at Google Headquarters which was about loving ways to discuss pro-life viewpoints – and not just in a manner that would help the opposing side understand them, but to actually question where they really stand on a consistent life ethic. Bishop Barron’s no-holds barred conversation with a secular podcaster was another great example of listening to an alternate viewpoint and responding directly to the points raised.

So the distinction between lukewarm to heresy and simply tolerating and waiting for the right time to counter heresy might be subtle but the intent and ends are important. Our eyes fixated toward the truth and the ardor to follow the Lord’s will for all of us should drive us to always look at the right time to make our move and draw those that the Lord puts in our lives to live in His light.


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