Written By: Michael Smolders

The fullness of truth is Jesus Christ personified. The difficulty in explaining this truth lies in the difficulty of explaining who Jesus Christ is. Since Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church are one and the same, the best way to describe Him is to describe the Church. Fragments or elements of Him are floating all around the world in the form of various philosophies and religions. The Son of God is like our sun of the solar system. The planets orbiting around the sun are illuminated and ordered by the sun.  Though these planets appear to be the source of light themselves, they are merely reflecting the one true source of light at the centre of the universe.  The farther we travel away from the sun, the farther we travel away from light and truth.

The sun is the Catholic Church.  It singularly contains the fullness of light and truth. Just as the sun is distinguish from the planets by its essence and role in the solar system, the Catholic Church is distinguished by its essence and role in heaven and earth. People cannot look at the sun because its brightness is blinding. Likewise, taking an honest look at the Catholic Church blinds many people because it requires an honest look into ourselves, something that many are unwilling to face. Many people can’t handle the deep look into their soul and try to shield its truth.  They would rather choose substitutes that don’t require them to touch the purging fire in this life.

Mercury and Venus would be the closest substitutes in our solar analogy and represent the denominational churches. The original protesters of the Catholic faith. They are illuminated so brightly and are the hottest, so they appear to be suns themselves but they don’t contain the life-giving energy that the sun omits.  From a distance, they may appear bright but upon closer inspection, we discover their brightness comes from the sun.  They are dead planets that would only be a source of light if they collapsed into the sun.  These churches don’t contain the life-giving sacraments and will only offer the fullness of Christ when they unite under the one Catholic Church.

A little further from the sun you will find a planet that is teeming with life. Earth is like the non-denominational Christians. The beautiful and abundant landscapes give the impression of being the truth itself. Many people in these “churches” enjoy the spirituality, joy and prosperity.  Like weeds in a field, they enjoy the communities that spring up from their self-interpretation of scripture and freedom from all authority. They accept the energy from the sun that brings life to the planet but use it for their own purposes.  The danger and deception lie in the closeness and proximity of the next planet Mars.  Though Mars is like earth in many ways, this dead planet does not produce life like earth. One step in the wrong direction in the non-denominational churches and you will find the joyful living Christian quickly slips back into their fallen and dead nature. The only sure way to remain in the light is to become part of the light itself, to shed all desire for free choice and accept the right choice.

The next planet, Jupiter, is bigger than the first four planets combined just as Islam is bigger than non-Catholic Christianity. We are now entering the part of the solar system that no one should ever trek to.  The distance from the light of the sun and the possibility of life at these distances is very slim. Nonetheless, Jupiter attracts many drifting particles orbiting around the solar system due to its immense size and visibility. Despite its grandeur place in the solar system, its source of order and existence is the sun, not itself. Despite Islam’s insistence to stand alone as the one true religion, history makes it evident that it is no more than a Judeo-Christian heresy.

Defining itself as something truly unique and different in the solar system is Saturn with its trademark rings just as the eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are easily recognizable by their unique philosophies. Saturn’s rings are almost entirely made up of water and ice that would quickly evaporate if it was held up to the light of the sun. Like the rings of Saturn, the eastern philosophies are beautiful and majestic but illusionary and temporal. They may contain similar Christian ways of living but have no eternal and lasting light.

You could group the last visible planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto into the categories of humanism, pantheism, Gnosticism and all other religions that don’t even pretend to know what God is.  They are content to benefit from the farthest remaining borders of order and light that the sun provides but in the end, they will eventually drift away in the dark abyss of atheism.

Which brings us to the matter that orbits the edge of our solar system, benefiting from the order that the sun provides but where no light reaches. These unnamed ice masses which represent the atheist ideology can be best described by what it is not. At the farthest end of all that is light and truth is darkness and untruth. For at the core of what atheism implies is that atheism cannot be defined. Definition would entail a reasoned order and the summit of atheism’s intellectual contribution is that everything is lucky chaos.

An observant reader would notice that I did not give Judaism a planet. That is because true Judaism was fulfilled and is contained in Catholicism and belongs at the centre of the universe where light and truth spread their rays across the rest of the galaxy. The different forms of Judaism that we see today could be compared to the protestant Christians who share a closeness and warmth to the truth but are still just a separate satellite that orbits the sun.

This telescope has given you a glimpse of the different reasons why the planets are merely reflectors but the sun stands singularly alone as the source of all light. In the end, we all need to take a personal discovery across the galaxy and discover truth ourselves.  I’ve attached myself to different faults and errors until Catholicism finally shone its balanced approach of faith and reason to light my path and show me the best way to travel and reach my final destination.

Regardless of what planet you live on, or if you don’t live on a planet at all, I challenge you to take an honest and enlightening look at the Catholic faith. It will be blinding.  It will be purging but true religion is not just an organized membership.  It is the answer to who you are.


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