family praying - smallWritten By: Lawrence Lam

South of the border, Americans are rushing home this week to be with their family to celebrate Thanksgiving. Very often the stress of travelling and the preparation of dinner yields behaviours and attitudes distant from that of giving thanks. The early Americans who initiated thanksgiving rightfully wanted to ensure an attitude of graciousness to God for surviving a hectic migration and worshipping Him freely.

In a selfish and materialistic society, true thankfulness can be difficult to grasp. “Thank you”s are easily doled out when a clerk is helpful to a consumer, but the graciousness of someone who has truly emptied himself of any pride is of another kind entirely.

One who is thankful to his very base is joyful at the encounter of all that the Lord has provided. These days we hear a lot about the 99% vs 1%, where those who purport to represent the 99% demand a sharing in the wealth of the top 1% income earners. Thankfulness is an attitude that can be learned by both the rich and the poor alike – graciousness for whatever resources God has blessed us with.

The economics of salvation doesn’t divide grace with terms like 99 vs 1. Even when 1 is lost, the Lord leaves the 99 to recover that single one. The infinite pouring out of grace can never go bankrupt; its credibility can never be downgraded. Being thankful for grace in all its various forms is the only sustainable revolution that can transform a cold individualistic society into communities of warmth and caring for neighbour.

Happy American Thanksgiving to all!



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