Mom reading to son - smallWritten by: Amber Miller

Over the past few years, I have often jokingly referred to myself as “the anti-feminist” because many of my firm beliefs seem to clash with most opinions that self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ have. Recently, however, I was made aware of the fact that many women who piloted the first wave of feminism were pro-life and pro-family. For example, Alice Paul, the author of the original Equal Rights Amendment stated that “abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women”. (For more information see

Unfortunately, too many ‘feminists’ of modern society have gone well beyond the intentions of the original feminists by putting less importance on natural feminine beauty – especially a woman’s ability to give life.

Before the first wave of feminism, women were not even considered persons under the law and often considered less valuable compared to men because they weren’t paid for the jobs they performed (such as cooking, cleaning and caring for children). Women were often treated unfairly and seen as weak and vulnerable – to be taken advantage of. The original feminists, such as Susan B. Anthony, responded by campaigning for their personhood status. However, women in the 21st century began to desire complete control over their husbands (as seen in most modern sitcoms), their families, and their “reproductive health”.

Instead of trying to change other’s mindsets on the eminent role of the mother, ‘feminists’ of this age began to see womanhood as a disadvantage – especially when it came to childbearing. With this realization, many women began to opt for a career above conceiving. Ironically, to see the natural functions of a woman’s body as something to be “controlled” is to contradict the very purpose for which she was created female.

God created women with an empty place in her: her womb. The womb does not serve any function for her body because it was created for someone else. This anatomical characteristic of her body is symbolic for what she was created to be: life-giving, generous and nurturing. When a woman fulfills her “motherly” purpose (be it through bearing children, caring for the sick, or comforting a friend), she will find the true freedom she desires.

In this ‘feminist’ age where “liberation” is dressing provocatively, using contraception and the top priority is a career, our society needs role models who value modesty and humility in their words, actions and dress. Families need women who are bold enough to reserve her body for her spouse and children. Our society needs to revive a true feminist attitude – one that will restore the dignity and sanctity to the role of the mother and beauty of femininity in general.


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