Written By: Lawrence Lam

During Pentecost we celebrate the transformation of the Church from a scattered scared group of people huddled in a room to the Mystical Body of Christ emboldened to bring the Good News to all the ends of the Earth. This past weekend was full of blessing as I witnessed the priestly ordination of two of my friends Chad and Colin who are new men by virtue of their ordination this past Saturday.

Reflecting on the way God works His key transformations are very fundamental aren’t they? He created the world from nothing into something, and He has shown how he can bring someone from death to life, at Mass Bread is changed into Jesus, and at Holy Orders ordinary Men are changed into Jesus. The Mystery of the Incarnation almost always requires that the greatest mysteries of the Church be expressed in the fleshiness of the material to convey the inward reality of things. The office of the Priesthood is an identity, not just a functional definition.

Yet Fr. Chad and Fr. Colin still possess their Chad-ness and their Colin-ness, that make each of them special and unique, and we’re thankful for that. Their contributions to the Church will be just as unique and suited to themselves individually and I pray for much fruit from both of them over the course of their ministry.


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