Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

We’ve all read the headlines. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Steven Segal- it seems like half of Hollywood is being accused of sexual assault and harassment these days. It’s all quite shocking. Until you realize it really isn’t.

We really shouldn’t be surprised that the multi-billion dollar film and TV industry which produces films with hyper-sexualized content is imploding because of sexual misconduct. With the production of films like 50 Shades of Gray, Brokeback Mountain, Eyes Wide Shut and TV shows like Girls, Masters of Sex, Sex and the City, just to name a few, the industry seems hell bent on reducing women (and sometimes men) to sexual playthings, rather on beings worthy of dignity and respect.

There is absolutely no excuse nor justification for sexual assault, harassment, or abuse. However we must critically examine this industry which glorifies abusive behaviour like in 50 Shades of Gray.

When God has been replaced by self, and the glitterati lead and advertise hedonistic lifestyles am I surprised that these celebrities have a hard time accepting “no” when all they want to hear is “yes”?

And hearing about people in the industry knew about these perpetrators reputations, behaviour, and crimes, and yet were content to sit at the sidelines and keep their mouth shut while more innocents were victimized is truly horrific. Especially in the cases when the victims were children. How could anyone live with themselves after turning a blind eye. And for what? Advancement of their career? So they could get the next big part? The Oscar? Was selling your soul really worth the price? How do you sleep at night?

When we replace God in our lives and start worshipping ourselves as deities, we lead down a path of destruction and carnage. When you produce and/or act like sexual maniacs and perverts on film, you perpetuate a culture in society that people are objects, and sexual pleasure is an end.

Yes, this dirty big secret in Hollywood of sexual immorality is starting to unravel. It’s about time.


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