Written By: Michael Smolders

I welcome readers to add their own reasons.  Let us give glory and thanks for Our Faith!

I feel grateful and privileged to have been chosen by God to heed the call of St. John the Baptist and follow The Way.

Like the man who set sail from South Wales in Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, I left the Faith after high school and it wasn’t until I thought I was discovering it for the first time 20 years later that I could appreciate the beauty, mercy and truth that the Catholic Faith offers.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why I became and remain Catholic.  They are in the order that I learned to appreciate them:

  1. Christ is God – After being baptized as a child, spending my childhood singing Hymns about Jesus and reading the Holy Bible through my teens and adulthood, the supernatural virtue of Faith finally touched my heart and led me to unequivocally declare “Jesus Christ is God!” I wish I would have willfully accepted the Faith my parents so generously handed to me at birth but God has this mysterious way of allowing us to benefit from our faults and failures.  Those mistakes prepared me to believe with zealousness.  I don’t believe Jesus is God merely because the Bible tells me so.  I don’t believe it because the Church states it in the Creed.  I believe Jesus is God because of my personal relationship with Him and I believe in the peace, joy and happiness that He grants me; even in my suffering.
  2. The Faith is Reasonable – To believe a man was born so that He could die for our sins is profound.   To believe that man is actually our God and Creator requires faith.  Some people state Christianity can be proved like Lee Strobel’s The Case For Christ, but faith cannot be reasoned to alone.  Just ask Jordan Peterson who seems to be desperately trying to attempt that feat publicly.  Yet, as Peterson discovered, the evidence for Jesus Christ as the Logos or the “reason” behind all things is compelling.  Faith is a supernatural virtue that comes from God.  We cannot attain it on our own.  However, the logic and reason in nature and scripture form a sturdy bridge that leaves a narrower leap for the faithful to take.  The prophesies, the typologies and the history all point to a logical and reasonable explanation for life and meaning in the universe.  No other religion or scientific theory comes remotely close to explaining the mysteries of love, evil, life and death as detailed and reasonable as the Catholic Church.
  3. Matthew 16:18-19 –  “Thou art Peter, and it is upon this rock that I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it; and I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” For someone who had been desperately trying to figure out what is true and what is not in life, these words offered an overwhelming sense of peace.  I no longer had to decide difficult ethical problems on my own.  I wasn’t left to read the Bible on my own.  Like the Eunuch who answered Philip’s question about understanding scripture, “How could I, without someone to guide me?” (Acts 8:31), I finally had an objective true and verifiable answer to scripture and all life’s questions.  This truth would pass from Peter through a succession of Bishops and it was through them that I would be able to answer questions about divorce, homosexuality and abortion.  Why anyone would torture themselves with a self-analysis of scripture is unexplainable?
  4. Confession – The greatest blessing from God since animal sacrifices and a whole lot cleaner.  Christ’s Sacrament that goes hand in hand with Holy Communion allows us to receive Him worthily.  Unfortunately, it is a hidden jewel in this modern age.  As Catholics spend thousands of dollars on psychologists and therapists, they have shied away from the free service that the Catholic Church offers each person who voluntarily accepts their faults with a contrite heart.  Though this service doesn’t have monetary value, it is paid for by the priceless blood of Our Lord and Saviour.  If it wasn’t for Confession, I honestly don’t think I would have remained Catholic.  I think eventually my continuous sins would have led me away in hopelessness if I didn’t get to hear on a regular basis the words, “You are forgiven”.
  5. Mary and the Eucharist – I remember the day that I received the Holy Eucharist for the first time.  Not the first time that I had Holy Communion but the first time that I firmly believed and was thankful to be receiving God physically into my body.  I also remember the day that I suddenly realized that if it wasn’t for this wonderful Jewish woman 2000 years ago, I wouldn’t get the chance to receive that Blessed Sacrament everyday.  It is said that poetry and music are where heaven and earth intersect.  I believe that was true until the day that God turned the elements of bread and wine into His body and blood and shared them with the entire world until the end of time.

 Never stop thanking God for this undeserving gift of Faith and work harder to share that Faith with others.  God bless!


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