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Now that Halloween is over it seems that most peoples’ attention is now focused on Christmas. It is also around the time where you will start hearing about collections being taken or fund raising drives for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) or Development & Peace (D&P) – depending if you live in the US or Canada.

We are all called to help the needy and doing such acts is our Christian duty. However, many Catholics give their hard earned money to the CCHD or D&P without fully knowing what their money is going towards. Yes some of the money is going to worthy causes that are in line with Catholic social teaching but others under the banner of “social justice” are going towards something more sinister – the support of prostitution, condoms, abortion and gay sex.

Just a few days ago did an hour long investigative piece exposing the existing scandal going on within the CCHD. You can view it for free below but I encourage you to help support by buying the DVD for $10. A must watch! a couple years back dropped a bombshell about Development & Peace and their support of organizations that were directly and indirectly opposed to Church teaching. The Canadian bishops were notified and due to their inaction the news broke out.

Recently, Fr. Raymond Gravel is suing $500,000, which would destroy this faithful Pro-Life organization, for exposing his pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-gay sex stance (even though he has been publically announcing this himself and showing up to gay meetings). And guess who is supporting Fr. Raymond in his lawsuit?….. Yup Development & Peace! Your hard earned money is being used to support a pro-gay, pro-abortion priest to destroy a faithful pro-life organization. You can read the article here.

Overall, we as Catholics have a right to know that our money is being used properly. We need to be careful with any charity that we donate to, to make sure that our money is not going towards things of sin. Unfortunately, we need to be careful when we give to the CCHD and D&P.

I don’t know about you but until this mess is cleaned up (which I think will take many years unless the laity put tremendous pressure on the bishops) I would donate to your local maternity home. There are many young women going through a crisis pregnancy and need your support and you will know where your money is going – saving lives.

After reading this article please take a moment to say a prayer for your bishop and those involved with the CCHD and D&P that they may have the courage and perseverance to stand up against this injustice within our Catholic charities.


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