Written by: Amber Miller

With Ash Wednesday only a week away, Catholics begin to consider what steps we will take beside Christ down the Via Dolorosa. We’ll ask ourselves how we can join our sufferings to He Who suffered so well. Realizing that we, too, are responsible for Jesus’ condemnation and death, we ask that His blood be on our hands to wash us from our sin. If you have a moment, reflect on the suffering our Lord silently endured throughout His life, even from infancy.

Station of the Cross 10 Stripped - smallThey tore His robe
away from Him:
a babe so unaware.
They left Him cold,
naked, He laid,
vulnerable and bare.

They tore His robe
in darkened streets
hid ‘n from His Mother’s eyes.
They taunted Him
and egged Him on;
His were not battle cries.

They tore His robe
they did not like
the things He had to say
and tear by tear
they chose right there
just what they’d take away.

They tore His robe
off bloodied skin,
divided it in two.
Now that’s the prize
before your eyes-
they offer half to you.

You take the robe
into your hands
and give it one last tear.
You discard it
onto the dirt,
while watching others stare.

Others stare.
Just one last tear.
Before your eyes:
Behold the prize!
Others stare
and tear by tear
you make your choice
in darkened streets.

Others stare
So unaware
Hid’n from Mother’s eyes
naked, He laid:
vulnerable and bare.



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