trump-victoryWritten By: Lawrence Lam

There’s a lot of shock this morning as the world wakes up to the unlikely razor-thin results of the United States elections. No matter what the result the president-elect would have been one who half the country actively hated (this was a long race-to-the-bottom of a campaign), which is a tough mandate to govern on. The tumult over the course of the results being read and watching my Facebook news feed melt down was hilarious and sad at the same time. Sure, there is fear for the future and what may be, but I can’t help but watch with a certain level of detachment the uselessness of putting so much emotional stock in such secular matters.

There are important issues, for sure, most notably pro-life issues and those of religious freedom. But also the safety and security of the country and its citizens of all origins.

How fitting that the day after the election is on the day of the dedication of the Lateran Basilica. The feast day dedicated to the house of the actual Holy See (St. John Lateran is the official Cathedral of the Roman Diocese) should remind us that we are not subjects of the Earth. We aren’t even subject to the petty laws of the Vatican as much as we are subject of the Eternal Father who is unmoved by the democratic rituals a country may hold every 4 years.

The Christian duty here is to continue to be a good and active citizen, pray for our world and civic leaders, and continue to let God act through us to bring His Kingdom to the world He created.


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