Written By: Sandra Walfisz

Recently I was showing a few clips from the movie “Wonder Woman” to my young women’s group as we were talking about the topic of how we are also called to be warriors as women. It’s an interesting combination of words if you think about it: warrior princess. Usually when we think of warrior we automatically associate it with a strong male soldier, and when we think of princess we associate it with a delicate female royalty. However, we too are called to become warriors…but as WOMEN.

If we look at the world today, it’s not hard to notice that women, specifically authentic femininity and the female body, are very much under attack. The devil doesn’t just attack anything…he goes for the BIG STUFF! Why does the devil have this special hatred for women? There are three reasons as to why: beauty, bringing new life and representing the church.

Beauty: Before the devil became who he is now, he used to be the most beautiful angel. His own name, Lucifer, meant bearer of light. Who is seen at the beauty now, the pinnacle of creation? The woman! If we look at the second creation story, God created the earth, plants, animals, man and finally woman (Genesis 2:22). Notice how nothing was created after God created woman, and that brings a deeper meaning into the reasoning and importance as to why woman was the last to be created. Out of jealousy, the devil brings a total assault on the beauty of the woman.

Bringing new life: Can the devil create anything on his own? No. He can only change what God has already created. Some might say that the devil does not have his own clay, but is only able to deform God’s clay. What is one unique capability that only women have? We are the bearers of new life. When a husband and wife come together in marriage, they work together with God in order to create a new life. The woman carries this new life and allows it to enter into the world. Again, out of a fit of jealousy, this is something the devil knows he is unable to do and constantly attacks. We don’t need to look far to see how severely this is being twisted and triggered in today’s world.

Representing the church: The devil cannot attack God directly. He cannot stop Him from constantly sending His graces on us, but he can stop us from receiving them. Have you ever wondered why the serpent chose to talk to Eve instead of Adam, when they were both standing beside each other (Genesis 3:6)? There have been many theories, but there is one that really stuck. When we look at God’s relationship with us, the most common way it is portrayed is through the image of a marriage: Christ the bridegroom and the church the bride. In an earthly marriage we have that same representation: the man as the bridegroom (Christ) and the woman as the bride (the church). If we look deeper into their innate roles, more specifically portrayed in the sexual union of a husband and wife, the man is the giver and the woman actively receives, therefore giving back. What is the gift that is being given exactly? The gift of love, and ultimately life! Bring it back to God and the church again. God is the giver of the gift and we as the church receive the gift, and that is how we give back. Since we mentioned that the devil cannot stop God from giving…he goes to us to prevent us from receiving. Who represents that? The woman! This is why he goes after Eve and not Adam in the garden. His aim was to go after the church (us) and stop us from receiving God’s gift.

The devil has a special hatred towards women, and if you think about it who does He hate the most (aside from Christ)? MARY! Why? Because she is the most perfect representation of all three of these qualities. She is the perfect woman, the most beautiful and “blessed among women” (Luke 1:42). She was the first tabernacle who carried new life, Christ Himself, in her womb. She was completely open to always receiving God’s gift and is our (the church) Queen and Mother. Mary was also a fighter, a warrior. But how did she fight? As a woman! Every yes she said, every decision she made, every time she woke up she was stepping into the battlefield. She didn’t fight with a sword and shield, but rather she fought with love and her total abandonment to God’s will, therefore relying fully on His strength. She was completely in tune with who she was and her feminine nature, and her focus was to fully embrace her qualities as a woman and live that out in every situation she faced.

As women, we too are called to fight, not as men…but as women. Tune into that authentic femininity, that feminine genius as St. John Paul 2 calls it, that we all have. We are princesses of a King, but more than that…we are Warrior Princesses!


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