Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

We’ve all seen the headlines and pictures: two teary eyed parents leaving a courtroom, clutching a small stuffed animal belonging to their son, who is stuck in a hospital fighting for his life.

These brave parents fought for several months for their baby boy, who has born with a mitochondrial disease. They fought for what any parents would; for their rights over their child, specifically to medically treat their son, in the hope of some healing, and to give him a chance at life.

But the judge’s gavel ruled (again and again) and ultimately the system stamped out any parental right over their own son. Little Charlie had to die on the State’s terms.  And so he did.

Many of us were shocked at the courts’ and the hospital’s brazen interference in the Charlie’s parents right to help their child. Even in light of the Vatican and the US President promise of help, the courts still said nope, not a chance.

It begs the question- who owned little Charlie’s life? I’m being serious.

Parents are the primary caregivers, the primary educators for their children. As Pope Benedict said, “A child is entrusted to his parents by God”. It’s our God given right to take care of our children. The State has no business interfering. Rather it must support and protect the parent’s authority over their children.

So back to my question- who owned Charlie Gard’s life? The State did. Right up until death.

Sadly this isn’t the first case of such infringement. There was one just a few years ago right here in Canada of Baby Joseph.

The attack against parental rights has been increasing for years. Between state mandated sex-ed, to removing children from homes who do not conform to the State agenda, the attack is relentless.

As Christians, we must be vigilant and stand our ground on parental rights. Every concession we make will make weakens our position and authority over our children. We must never concede our rights. Sometimes the attack might appear simple like having the school nurse administer medical treatment without parental consent. Other times the attack will be grave, one of life and death.

Regardless of the threat, we must always fight like Charlie Gard’s parents fought. Right until the end.


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