Holy Spirit Dover blue background -smallWritten by: Fr. Mike Simoes

Monday’s first reading and the homily by the local priest gave me something to think about. In the reading, St. Paul is hearing that there is a group of people who have not heard of the Holy Spirit, yet were baptized (the baptism of St. John the Baptist – a baptism of repentance). Unfortunately, there are many today, although confirmed, who have not heard of the Holy Spirit, and even if they have heard of Him, they do not have a relationship with Him. It is easy for us to have a relationship with a Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ, but how do we have a relationship with a Spirit?

The Spirit is that quiet whisper that blows where He wills leading us to the Father, uniting and guiding us. Yet, we still ask, how do we know what God is asking of me? How do I know that I am doing God’s will? Especially as we discern big life decisions, and even the little ones, this should always be the question we ask: “Is this God’s Will for me in my life?”. I came across this little pod cast by Fr. Barron that discusses this issue.

This is something we can reflect upon as we prepare ourselves for Pentecost. During this Year of Faith and this time of “New Evangelization”, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Blessed John Paul II both prayed for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a new Pentecost for our age. Let the marks of joy, peace and above all love guide us in our apostolic work as we continue to pray, “Thy Will be done.”



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