dad w kids - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

Among the most serious crises facing our society today is the lack of true men and spiritual fatherhood.

Men and fathers are under attack – how they are portrayed in media, policies, and societal changes has castrated and stripped men out of their identity. The family, and men being the leader of the family, which is the fundamental unit of society, is under attack.

If the men who are supposed to be spiritual fathers are spiritually sterile how are they to bring about spiritual vocations or future husbands to our daughters?

So what is the remedy? The fundamental principle of the spiritual life is Grace – Grace perfects nature. If we have good virtuous dads then it produces good families, which provide vocations for priests and those priests and bishops help strengthen those dads. And the cycle continues. (I highly recommend you listen to this homily on fatherhood which elaborates on this point.)

In short, the remedy is good dads. The order of the family relies on dads.

Research shows that if the father attends to mass regularly so, too, will his children. The critical factor is the father’s religious/church practices in determining the children practicing the faith[1]

The study shows[2]:

Mother and Father attend church regularly:

  • 33% of their children will end up attending church regularly
  • 25% of their children will end up not attending at all

Mother attends church regularly. Father does not attend church at all:

  • 2% of their children will end up attending church regularly
  • 60% of their children will end up not attending at all

Father attends church regularly. Mother does not attend church at all:

  • 44% of their children will end up attending church regularly
  • 34% of their children will end up not attending at all

While many people in society believe that women are the “primary parent” and that men are pretty much nonessential, these numbers prove differently. The difference is too large to ignore—2% compared to 44%! Men do matter and the father’s influence and participation in church attendance and the spiritual development of his children is a great indicator of how successful families are at passing their faith on to the next generation.

Ladies, this is not to diminish the important and vital role that you play within your families. However, in the areas of faith it is important that you support and encourage your husbands to take on an active role in their faith and the development of their children’s faith.

It is time for fathers to return to honorable manhood and reconsider their priorities to align them with God’s commands, decrees, and laws, teaching these things to their children.

This is why we have started the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity and are hosting annual Men’s Conferences.

We invite you to check out both the fraternity and the event.


If publishing article online please attribute source Serviam Ministries with link to original article.


[1] The demographic characteristics of national minorities in certain European States

[2] Ibid



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