Written By: Sandra Walfisz

We’ve probably heard the question many times: “Why doesn’t God just come and show Himself to us? Why doesn’t He just come so we can see Him and then we’ll believe that He truly exists? Why can’t He come in a physical form so that we can actually talk to Him and hear Him?” Realistically speaking, it is quite a valid question to ask or wonder about. Why does God chose to be invisible to us rather than visible?

This is where the true beauty and mystery of God shines. God, in His nature, is fully Divine. For us as humans, that is quite a difficult and to a degree impossible nature to grasp because it is way beyond our human capacity to understand. Let’s come back to that same first question again: “Why doesn’t God just come and show Himself in a physical form so we can see and talk with Him?” What are we truly asking here? We are asking God, in all His might and divinity, to come down and meet our humanly demands and needs, and present Himself to us in the form we want. Do we see how that is completely taking away from God’s full Divine nature? That would be like comparing sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon and watching the most incredible sunset, to simply seeing a photo of it. Are they both beautiful sights? Yes. But we can all agree that the picture does not do it justice compared to being there to witness the full view in person. Another way to describe it would be seeing a beautifully and intricately designed cake, to just looking at a slice of the cake. The flavours and the taste is the same for both, but you completely miss the whole picture and cannot even imagine how the cake looks as a whole from simply looking at that one slice on it’s own.

The same is with God. God’s true presence is like standing in that Grand Canyon and admiring the beauty of the sunset and just taking it all in, or seeing the cake assembled in its entirety. Asking God to present Himself based on vision of how we feel He should, is like asking Him to fit into our small picture frame, or asking for Him to show His entirety in a single slice. It is asking to bring the Divine down to a human level.

The most intriguing part of it all, is that despite His almighty and Divine nature, God still chose to do EXACTLY that. He humbled Himself so much, that He took human form, died on the cross for us, and humbled Himself even more by choosing to stay with us in the form of bread and wine. We have the Real Presence of Christ, shown to us every time we go to mass. It’s not that God is hiding from us and doesn’t want us to see Him, He is there, but it is our eyes that are not open to see Him because we have locked ourselves in a tunnel of how God should be presenting Himself to us.

Open the eyes of my heart Lord!


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