CT-Christmas-decor-2-224x300Written by: Theresa Gilbert

Here is the second of my three-part series on Christmas in our culture. (Read post 1 and post 3)

Remember my first post in this three-part series how I said I was “thrilled” to see Canadian Tire proudly proclaiming they are “Canada’s Christmas Store”? I am no longer thrilled. While it was encouraging the see them using Christmas in their signage and advertising, a visit to the store left me empty handed. I just could not bring myself to purchase anything when the aisles were so void of the real meaning of Christmas.

I started out looking at their wreaths. Upon closer inspection their tags indicated it was from the “Holiday Collection”. Why not the Christmas Collection? Isn’t that what all the wreaths, lights, decorations etc. are for?

CT-Krismoose21-224x300I then wondered if any of the items even said “Merry Christmas”. The closest I got was “Merry Krismoose”.

It was my 14 month old who spotted Jesus first in a nativity set. In fact, we found two versions. And that was it. Some stars and angels, but otherwise just a bunch of shiny, creative, void of meaning items.

Which brings me to my main point and a question for you. How do you plan on keeping the true meaning of Advent and Christmas front and centre? With Advent upon us we have a great opportunity to use this time as a time of prayer, fasting and good works. I encourage you to take these next few weeks to increase your prayer life. Perhaps that means daily rosary, mass and/or reading the bible. Fast in a way that works for you and while you are missing the food item or meal (or Facebook ;)) unite your suffering with Christ. Remember that though we are preparing to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, we are also preparing for and anticipating His Second Coming. And, while we decorate a Christmas tree we also recognize that He died on a tree for our sins. He will be back and we must be ready.

  • Pray.
  • Fast.
  • Do good works.

Hold onto the real meaning of Advent and Christmas.




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