drop box filmWritten By: Lawrence Lam

Keeping on films for another day, I am still processing the experience of seeing The Drop Box earlier this month. The film is a documentary centering around the work of Protestant Pastor Lee Jong-Rak in Seoul and his work to minister of the least of those in Korean society. Heartbroken over personally witnessing many abandoned unwanted babies across the city, he constructed a mailbox-like compartment called a “Baby Box” (the Korean is pronounced “beibibagseu”) where women in crisis birth situations could leave their babies safely at the church. Pastor Lee personally adopted a great number of the babies, especially those born disabled or malformed, and showered them with great love and care so that their life stories could flourish.

The film allows for an immense demonstration of God’s love and tracing back through Pastor Lee’s history you can see how God set his heart in the right direction to the point where he would be moved to take on the cross he would be given in this way. Though his story is not different from many stories of exceptional generosity of resource and heart, it is another recurring pattern in the quilt of God’s love over history. The filmmaker who set out to make the film shared after the screening event that seeing the authentic love in person brought him to Christianity. True Love necessarily points to its origin.

Not the least in the lineage of such saints is Saint Joseph himself, who effectively adopted a son granted to him through the mystery of the Incarnation. His heart had been set in the right direction so as to be betrothed to the glorious ever-Virgin Mary, and raised our Lord in difficult situations so that He could flourish in life and ministry to save us all. The Protector of our Savior leaves an example to us all – that we are protectors of each other’s salvation and to the extent that we are called to image St. Joseph, Pastor Lee’s extraordinary story leaves us to reflect on how we are set forth to care for those sent to us.



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