man running training - smallWritten by: Patrick Sullivan

Nothing is quite as transformative as sacrifice. When you decide to endure pain and suffering for something or someone, it seems as if the very world is behind you, encouraging you to accomplish what at first appeared impossible. It is the same in the spiritual life. God the Father endorses sacrificial love above any other and He does so because of its infinite association with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Do you remember the aged Abraham from the Book of Genesis? It was finally his willingness to sacrifice to God what Abraham most loved and cherished that won for him and for us a glimpse of God’s salvific plan in Jesus the Son. Do you recall the Exodus where the Israelites had to flee into the desert from Pharaoh securing in the end their freedom? Well that journey began with their willingness to sacrifice a lamb; and so we would again be given a great hint at God’s imaginative solution to our horrific and sinful error.

Jesus Christ expects those who follow Him to pick up their crosses regardless of the weight or discomfort. He expects us to fast as well as to pray as He taught so clearly with the boy possessed by a demon. This does not mean however that we are to walk around crying all of the time as we eat moldy bread and whip ourselves, no! It means that we need to give or offer up whatever we can offer up and this with the love and help of Jesus. It means that we take on our burdens with courage and rest our heads on Christ who sustains us. It means to do small things with great love, and to endure all sizes of discomfort for the sake of those we have been sent to.

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