couple praying (2) - smallWritten By: David Gilbert

Today is the feast day of St. Monica, Patron Saint of difficult marriages, disappointing children, victims of adultery or unfaithfulness, victims of (verbal) abuse, and the conversion of relatives.

She was married to an unfaithful Roman pagan, Patricius, and mother of St. Augustine. St. Augustine (before he was a Saint) caused his mother much grief with his sinful life and attacks on the Catholic faith.

It was through St. Monica’s prayers, suffering, and tears over many years that brought St. Augustine to Christ through his encounter with St. Ambrose. It was also her prayers that caused the conversion of her husband on his death bed to the Catholic faith.

St. Monica is a prime example of the power of a parent’s and spouse’s prayers. As a parent you have an authority that is divine over your children. This authority does not mean to be overbearing but rather an authority that carries more weight than others since God has made you in charge of your children in the divine order of things.

Sometimes we may doubt the power of our prayers for our spouse or children. We may not see any results. We may be tempted to think they are useless. But do not be discouraged! In time it will be revealed how much grace they were given precisely because of your constant prayers and sacrifice.

It is also meritous to ask for Heavenly help in our petitions and St. Monica is one that can help, particularly with the specific issues you may be facing with the conversion of spouses, children, relatives, difficult marriages, and unfaithfulness.

May you be encouraged and strengthened by the witness and intercession of St. Monica.

St. Monica, pray for us.


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