Written By: Sandra Walfisz

When you go to a store and are heading to the checkout, are you more likely to go to the self-checkout or the cashier? If you need to get in touch with someone or ask a question are you more inclined to send them a text/email or do you call them? In a world where we claim to be soo “connected” with all the social media outlets and technology…it’s funny how we end up being the most disconnected. Most of us would’ve probably gone to the self-checkout and sent a quick text or email in the first 2 questions I asked. It’s become a norm now to communicate through easy, effective and virtual means that we sometimes use it as a run away from real human interaction without even knowing. Think about when we greet someone with the very common question of “how are you?” Do we just say it because it’s another way of saying “hello” or do we genuinely mean to ask that question and want to hear the answer? We’ve become so accustomed to quick, short answers and instant solutions that when it comes to taking the time to listen or understand something deeper, we become impatient or frustrated. When we scroll through our social media we go through hundreds of posts at a time in a matter of minutes, or if we look up something on Google we get hundreds of different answers instantly. When was the last time we actually took the time to read a post, or to think about what that post stirred in our hearts? Now this is not to say that using social media or different search engines is bad. We have this incredible technology and it can be extremely beneficial and helpful to us in many ways. It’s just a matter of being aware how do I use technology and am I letting it take away from truly connecting with people around me.

Majority of the way we communicate is through non-verbal means. If I were to go even further, the deepest moments we experience can only be fully understood and felt without words and in silence. Think about the love a mother feels for her child or the moment you felt a great accomplishment in your life. Can these moments be described with words to someone who has never felt them and have them understand? No, words can barley do it justice. Another example can be a moment shared between a couple where there is nothing but their gaze into each other’s eyes, or the comforting touch and presence of a friend when you are hurting. Instant words or virtual means cannot be used to describe these moments, nor can we truly experience those moments through them.

As human beings, God created us for relationships and for the other. In Genesis God says that “it is not good that the man should be alone…”(Gen 2:18). We were created for connection with one another, and ultimately with God. That connection goes beyond social media messages or quick instant responses.  It is something embedded deep in our hearts and is at the core of our being.


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