jesus face - smallWritten by: Lawrence Lam

I was eagerly watching the ceremonies of the installation of the new Archbishop of Seattle, J. Peter Sartain. It’s always exciting to watch apostolic succession in action, even at the Diocesan level. I was particularly touched by this part of his homily, and thought to share with you:

The Name of Jesus should be in our lips, in every homily, at every meeting, in every counselling session, in every moment of prayer. His name should be in every parish and school mission statement; and as we go through the day we should pray His name silently to remind ourselves of His nearness and seek His protection. In moments of transition from one task to the other, we should pray the Name of Jesus who accompanies us to the next. At times of confusion and anxiety, we should pray the Name of Jesus who calms every storm. At times of distraction, we should pray the Name of Jesus who brings recollection and order by His love. At times of temptation, we should pray the Name of Jesus, for Satan does not like to hear His name and he flees; and there’s something more – praying the Name of Jesus, we take our place among the leprous and the grieving, the blind and the lame, the sinful and the searching who cry out to Him in their need…

In our daily living out of our faith, I can think of many temptations to lead me to think of my faith in ideological, purely practical, or political terms and forget that all that I do and think should proceed purely out of my relationship with Jesus Christ. I look forward to the energetic leadership of Archbishop Sartain and will pray for his ministry to lead the flock in Seattle.

Link to the complete homily:



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