Written By: Catherine Spada

In giving us His Mother at the foot of the Cross, Jesus helped us to see the reflection of God’s relentless Maternal love for all of His children throughout the world.

In this offering and beholding of our divine Mother we experience consolation and grace. We are embraced underneath the shelter of her mantle, protected from all harm, and safe from all Ill.

We learn through her and the humble witness of Her life how to remain hidden and trusting in God. She is exemplary of a life hidden in Christ and gives great insight to us about the interior life because she knew well the vast divine universe that remains hidden in the intimate rooms of the heart and soul where only God has entry, where only He should dwell. To be mindful of this holy Occupant within the hidden places of our being is to reside well in the temporal reality we are subjected to.

Her witness is profound, not belonging solely to women, as one may ignorantly perceive, but a model for each of us. The gentleness of a Mother, in all her femininity provides unimaginable strength and courage to the most Masculine of Man, and reveals to us the way that God is with us. Her life throughout Scripture unfolds as one bittersweet story of obedience. She stood in this always. She stood firmly in the will of God, even while given reason exteriorly to crumble on more than one occasion.

Christ gives us His Mother, our Mother at the foot of the Cross, ever mindful that She stood when others fled, She well knew the depth of suffering because she opened Herself willingly to the immensity of Love , and knew that suffering if captivated by Divine Love is itself a source of grace.

We have lost sight of Her, yet Her gaze remains upon us. We have perhaps created an obsession with the idea of Her, searching for Her words and “appearances” and in this have lost an authentic sight of Her presence. We are, in my opinion wrongly caught up in this fanaticism of sorts and miss the immensity of the way She is there in the hiddenness of a faithful heart. We search for Her words, search for meaning, but we must only meditate upon the Magnificat, finding in these words, humbly prayed before our Lord, everything She wishes us to know and reveal to us.

I am a Mother. I have birthed, I have surrendered to the reality that there is no greater love imaginable for me available in this life than that reflected in the face of my children. No closer have I been to God than in the moment when they were brought into this world.

Today my daughter will endure the smallest of surgeries, and this is the source of immense suffering for me and I am not even tasting the cup that our Lady drank beneath the sights of Calvary. But I am mindful of her standing, I am aware of Her grace.

We need not look far for Her. We need not travel to far places seeking to touch Her. We must only close our eyes, and bow our heads. kneeling at the foot of the Cross, where she stands to greet us.


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