Written By: Tanya Granic Allen

I’m just on the cusp of being included in the Millennial cohort, and us Millennials, well we have a bad rap. A quick google search bring up that Millennials are considered lazy, narcissistic irresponsible, entitled and have no direction. What a sad list!

Some people fault the parents of the Millennials, the Boomer generation, as the reason why their offspring are the way they are. Allegations that the Boomers kid-gloved their children, and that schools gave a medal to everyone who shows up (not just the winner), could have very well contributed to the outcome. So while many may very well “blame” the Boomers for their offspring, I think there’s something refreshing about this young generation; they seek the brutal truth.

Millennials aren’t satisfied with half-truths, or almost true. They want the full truth.

In this age of instant gratification, hyper-materialism, and moral relativism, kids have to survive a childhood akin to a Gladiator gauntlet. Therefore the hunger after this is very intense.

Enter the Catholic Church.

The Church has a unique opportunity with the Millennial generation, to catechize them by giving them the full truth of our faith. These young people hunger for this truth- the rawer, the better. And since this generation is all about being counter-cultural, what could seem more counter-cultural these days than going to Mass and consuming the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ? And what Mass is more counter-cultural these days than the Traditional Latin Mass, with all of its tradition, smells and bells!

We are all called to evangelize, and here in front of us is an opportunity to feed the hungry by giving them the truth.

Will this save the Millennial generation from itself? Perhaps. But it would be wrong not to reach them when they are so desperately are searching for something real and tangible. Something Real Like the Eucharist.


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