retro cupcake - smallWritten By: Mark Gamez

Since last summer, I have become obsessed with baking. I have gone a long way from not knowing a thing about it, from turning on the oven to realizing the difference between baking soda and baking powder. This obsession made me try for the best of this or that regardless of the cost or time, the satisfaction and thrill I got from the praise of people who tasted my work disappeared. Their smiles and gratitude were no longer important to me; perfecting the recipe became my ambitious goal. It became all about me and all about the activity. In a short time, I lost my joy and the activity became harder and harder to do.

During that selfish time, I had forgotten the joy that comes from baking for someone. I know it might sound crazy, but there truly is a joy that can come from this simple activity.  In anything we do, when we do them for others, joy accompanies our love. The saints have always spoken about, “doing little things with great love.” This is true in all that we do for others. I receive joy not only after I have baked and given it to the people I love, but also, I receive joy while I am baking because it is then that I think a lot about that person for whom I am baking at that instance. In those moments, I remember my life with this specific person, how they have been so important in my life. I think about the little things he/she has done for me, about the last time I saw them, about our last fight, and most of all, I think about how they have been patient with me and have loved me enough to forgive me.

Love has no boundaries. Do something for someone even the littlest thing, for soon, joy will be the fruit of our imagination because love is creative in its expression.

When God made the grass grow, the very same one you walked on today, or when God made the molecules of the air that fills your lungs, he thought about you with the greatest of love. He did not make them just for the sake of making things, nor is his love just for himself as ours is selfish. He creates out of love for us. It is unfortunate that while we breathe or walk, we forget that these little tasks were provided for by God’s creative love. If only we stop for a moment and reflect on these little things, we would find so many things to appreciate and give thanks to God, but most of all, we would have Joy because we would remember God’s love for us.



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